Core Values Print

We seek to be a Christ-centered Church, directing all attention, service and worship towards Him alone. God's Word, the Bible, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will be our sole guide for life and faith. Study and application of its transformational truths will be our pursuit. Constant prayer will be the gauge of our spiritual vitality.

We seek to be an Others-oriented Fellowship, where sharing of lives and growing of relationships are characterized by commitment, mutual trust, accountability and Christian love. Cultivating authentic covenantal relationships is our goal. The family of God, the body of Christ, and the spiritual temple are all scriptural metaphors that teach us how to relate to each other with humility, encouragement and exhortation.

We seek to be Self-giving Individuals, willing to share with others our resources and time, acknowledging that we have so freely received much more from God. Initiative, concern, and stewardship will flow from us to the many who need spiritual, social and physical nourishment. Evangelism and Missions, global and local, express our heart to share the gospel's eternal blessings with people without.